Hi, my name is Tony and I am a self-taught graphic designer. I am Asian American (Vietnamese) and was the first in my family to be born in the United States in 1996.

How to say my last name? Huynh is pronounced as [h-win].

What do I do? I am a digital content designer for the Orlando Magic.


I am a first-generation student who has graduated from the University of Missouri and majored in Sport Management. 

Why sport management? Sport management has given me opportunities to see what goes on in everyday operations, from ticket sales to the logistics and details of managing live entertainment. I enjoy seeing everything behind-the-scenes and knowing what it takes to give people the best experience possible.


I was born and raised in the inner-city of St. Louis and had a single mother who worked morning and night shifts to raise my two older sisters and I. My childhood has showed me that life is full of obstacles that can be overcome through hard work and perseverance. I hope to one day inspire creators with diverse backgrounds to become the best version of themselves and be leaders of the future.


Mizzou Athletics - Oct. 2016 to May 2019
Columbia, MO

- Created branding and elements guidelines for all sports 
- Collaborated with sport information directors 
- Established brand elements and guidelines, distributed graphics templates for social branding throughout all sports 
- Attended home games and created in-game social content, from score updates to statistics graphics 
- Led creative direction for Mizzou women’s basketball social 
media channels and increased Twitter and Instagram engagement by 5,000+ followers

College Football Playoff - Oct. 2018 to March 2019
Fort Worth, TX / Santa Clara, CA

- Created brand elements and assets for working files
- Managed projects from concept to completion
- Built templates and themes for social content
- Coordinated with CFP committee and Communications Director for digital strategy
- Translated concrete designs for marketing materials
- Participated in a team effort to produce content throughout social media channels

Carolina Panthers - Aug. 2018 to Feb. 2019
Charlotte, NC

- Created social graphics for social media channels
- Participated in in-game days and distributed edited videos and photos assets for Instagram story
- Designed weekly "big moments" post and wallpapers for featured players
- Took the creative lead in Pro Bowl graphics for social posts

Drew League - May to August 2019
Los Angeles, CA

- Established graphic elements for social media channels
- Worked closely with Nike for ‘Just Do It’ summer campaign and developed elements for branding consistency
- Created and updated weekly Kicks at the Drew, game schedules, and recap graphics throughout the season

STNDigital- March to August 2018
San Diego, CA

- Established social graphics and branding guidelines for clients
- Communicated with STN Digital coordinators to distribute working files for projects
- Collected resources of assets and text information to create mockups of social graphics to present to clients and potential clients
- Past clients: Bleacher Report, San Diego State University, Green Bay Packers, and Philadelphia Phillies

MU DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT LIFE - Sept. 2015 to Dec. 2016
Columbia, MO

- Met with clients or the art director to determine the concept of a project 
- Advised clients on strategies to reach a particular audience 
- Determined the message the design should portray 
- Created images that identify a product or convey a message


Bachelor of Science (B.S.) - Parks, Recreation, and Sport with emphasis in Sport Management | GPA 3.5
Aug. 2015 to May 2019
Columbia, MO

extracurricular activities

MIZZOU ADMISSIONS - Feb, 2015 to Dec. 2017
Columbia, MO

- Guided prospective students with resources and assets about the University of Missouri
- Served as a representative and spoke with high school students about personal experience
- Traveled to different high schools around Missouri to pitch ideas about attending our university

MIZZOU HOMECOMING - Feb. to Oct. 2016
Columbia, MO

- Led and organized participant groups to volunteering sites
- Guided direction for service events
- Organized a canned food drive that brought in 36,000 cans to benefit the food bank of central and northeast Missouri
- Raised over $6000 which the Food Bank of Central Missouri could use to buy over $114,870